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Most orders will arrive in 3 business days to your mail box by US Postal Service. P.O. Box is okay. The word condom will not appear on your packages.
Placing an Order

Safe Shopping
All credit card transactions are encrypted and submit to our highly secure SSL server. Our employees are unable to view our customer credit card numbers. Credit card transactions are directly handled by a financial institution, which receives the credit card numbers and other personal identifying information only to verify the credit card numbers and process transactions. Credit card numbers will not be stored in our system.

Payment Method
Our online payment method includes VISA and MasterCard. If you place an order by mail, you can pay by check, money order, or cash (Send cash at your own risk. Do not send coins. Send exact amount. No change will be issued.)

Delivery Time
Our goal is to ship out all customer orders within 24 hours. In fact, most customer orders placed before 3:00 PM PST are shipped out on the same day. Most of our United States customers receive their orders in 3 business days depending on the destination, product availability, and the shipping method. Service may be delayed by USPS or UPS. Delivery time may vary depending on location of the recipient.

United States and Canada Customers
In most case, your products will be delivered to your mail box by US Postal Service. P.O. Box is okay. For United States customers, the shipping and handling fee is vary depending on the purchase price. The more you shop, the more you save. Since we charge a minimal amount of shippping and handling fee, we can afford to provide lowest product prices to our customers. Priority shipping and handling is available for United States customers. Most of our United States customers will receive their orders in 3 business days. Priority and express service have online tracking feature and up to $100 insurance service are also available. Express service is avaliable to United States customers. Canadian Customers must use Global Express or Priority Service. If special shipping method is required, additional shipping and handling fee may be incurred.

Flat Rate Shipping VS Free Shipping
In reality, there is no free shipping. Customers are either expected to pay a separate shipping and handling fee or pay a higher product price that includes an implicit shipping and handling fee. Our management believes charging a flat shipping rate is beneficial to our customers since we can offer the lowest product price. Imagine you are buying a pack of condoms (the price you pay includes the implicit shipping and handling fee), and when you are buying two packs or more, you are paying the implicit shipping charge at least twice. Why pay more just to get free shipping?

International Customers
We also deliver to other countries across the globe. International deliveries are made to locations outside the United States. Due to the inceasing mail lost problem, Global Express or Priority Shipping will be used to ensure our customers receiving their order on time. It provides our international customers online tracking feature and insurance up to $100. Depending on the location of the recipient, international order may take up to 1 week to deliver. We reserve the right to refuse service to certain international countries. If special shipping method is required, additional shipping and handling fee may be incurred.

Sales Tax Policy
Sales tax only apples to California recipients.

Refund Policy
All products returned to our warehouse for refund must be in original condition without damage and be accompanied with a Return Authorization issued by us within 30 days of receiving your order. Within 30 days of receiving your order, you may return any item for refund under any of the following circumstances:
  • Item was received damaged or defective
  • Incorrect item was shipped
    Since condom is used as a protection product, in order to ensure that all condoms we sell are in good condition, NO returns or exchanges of any kind, except the above mentioned reasons, are accepted for our customer protection. Please understand that we only sell condoms which are obtained directly from manufacturers or distributors. Other (non-condom) items, except bulk version, may be returned for refund if items are in good condition with original packaging. We do not accept returns of opened items or items returned after 30 days of receiving. If return is not the result of our error, shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

    Cancel or Modify Order
    We ususally packed your order once we receive your order. Thus, if you change your mind after placing an order from our website, please email our Customer Service Department immediately. Please understand that we cannot cancel or modify after your order has been shipped.

    More Than One Year Expiration Period Guarantee
    We guarantee the condoms that we sell will be good for at least 1 year before expiration. Refunds or exchanges will be made if our customers receive any condom, except clearance item or otherwise notice, that is not good for at least 1 year. Most of our products have a 3-5 year shelf life before they expire.

  • Find the thinnest.
    • Okamotoa 0.04mm
    • Kimono MicroThin

    Find the most sensitive..
    • Pleasure Plus
    • Kimono Type-E

    Find the long lasting..
    • Trojan Extended Pleasure
    • Mandelay

    Find her secret..
    • Durex Love
    • Aloe Lubricated Condom

    Find the most popular..

    Find the pleasure..
    • Trojan Twisted
    • Trojan Pleasure Pack

    Don't forget the fun..
    • Trustex Strawberry
    • Glow in the dark

    Can't select???
    • 50 Condom combo
    • Durex popular combo

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