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Free Condoms:
Durex Love[8 FREE samples]
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive[8 FREE samples]
LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure[8 FREE samples]
LifeStyles Sheer Pleasure[8 FREE samples]
Japanese Beyond Seven Aloe[8 FREE samples]
Japanese Crown Super Thin and Sensitive[8 FREE samples]

After Valentine's Day Clearance Sales:
Durex Extra Sensitive(16 condoms)
Durex Extra Sensitive(48 condoms)
Discounted Combo Extra Pleasure Condoms(50 condoms)
Discounted Combo Durex(50 condoms)
Japanese Crown Super Thin and Sensitive(48 condoms)
Japanese Crown Super Thin and Sensitive(96 condoms)

Feature Products :

Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condom
  • Special unique patended "TWIST" shape at the closed end.
  • Help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas
  • Special reservoir end for extra safety

  • DurexPerformax - Climax Control
  • Climax Control Lubricant for longer lasting lovemaking.
  • Climax control lubricant on inside of condom to help prolong sexual performance.
  • Standard lubricant on the outside of the condom.
  • Climax control lubricant is activated by body heat.

  • Trojan Extended Pleasure Condom for Him
  • Special lubricant that helps control climax.
  • Prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovmaking.
  • Help provide greater staying power.

  • Pleasure Plus Condom (Reviewed by Many Magazines)
  • Among frequent condom users, 89% of both women and men preferred the Pleasure Plus.
  • Quotes from study Particpants - "Pleasure Plus felt like have nothing on..."
  • Quotes from study Particpants - "The next best thing to skin and real intercourse."
  • Quotes from study Particpants - "The stimulation was even greater than without a condom..."

  • In order to celebrate Christmas holiday with our employees, our office will be closed from 12/22/2015 to 12/28/2015. Orders placed on or after 12/22/2015 will be processed on 12/28/2015. Thank you for shopping with us.

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    • Trojan Extended Pleasure
    • Mandelay

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    • Durex Love
    • Aloe Lubricated Condom

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    • Trojan Twisted
    • Trojan Pleasure Pack

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    • Trustex Strawberry
    • Glow in the dark

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